Pastor Peter Kasirivu’s family beats Covid-19
Pastor Peter Kasirivu and his wife Irene Kasirivu. COURTESY PHOTO.

Pastor Peter Kasirivu’s family beats Covid-19

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Peter Kasirivu, the lead Pastor of Gaba Community Church and founder of Africa Renewal Ministries has testified to the power of prayer that brought restoration and healing, after Covid-19 invaded his home and left a number of his ‘family members down.’

In a statement on Thursday, Pastor Kasirivu said on the 15th of December, 2020 at around 2am, his wife Irene Kasirivu (Pastor) woke up with a “strange” fever she could not understand.

“Here in Africa we know what malaria is. I asked her: “Is it malaria?” She replied: “No, what I feel is different from what malaria is.”

The couple immediately realized there was something happening which was way bigger than they anticipated.

Pastor Kasirivu revealed that two of his boys had also experienced some common symptoms of COVID-19 including fever and cough. “I believe that we have COVID in the house,” Pastor Irene told the husband that time.

The entire house immediately went into self isolation and informed doctors at Wentz Medical Centre about their condition.

“At the end of it all, we had to take a test,” Pastor Kasirivu recalled. “We had to lock up the whole house.”

Medical workers took samples from about 13 people at the pastor’s house, including close contacts. Results returned from Wentz Medical Centre showing eight (8) had tested positive of coronavirus, while five (5) were negative.

“We started a journey which was very frightening,” Mr Kasirivu said. “But, I am here three weeks later to tell you, there is power in the name of Jesus. I am here to tell you that the medical personnel at Wentz Medical Centre were used of God to keep us together and help us through this amazing journey,” he continued. “God is good, and He answers prayers.”

The Pastor went ahead and encouraged Ugandans to follow the guidelines issued by government and the Ministry of Health to ensure that the country responds adequately and mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Results of COVID-19 tests done on 6th January 2021 confirmed 372 new cases in Uganda, bringing the cumulative number of infections to 37,074 with 297 deaths and 12,544 recoveries.

“Uganda is going through a very terrible time. COVID has landed, and it has covered the whole city of Kampala as we speak, and the rest of Uganda,” he said. “Pray that God will give us wisdom on how to deal with the medical situation in Uganda. The hospitals are not equipped to take care of the people. We do not have the equipment.”

“The doctors have lost moral because many of them have not been paid for a very long time. The situation is tense, but one thing we know, we have hope, and the hope we have is in Jesus Christ.”

“I stand here as a testimony to the healing power of God, and to the care of our amazing Wentz Medical Centre,” he said.

Source: Male Marvin UG Christian News

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