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Jesse Ntaborwa. (Image courtesy of subject.)

Worship pastor Jesse Ntaborwa: I constantly ask the Holy Spirit to help me

Through his anointed song-writing gift and powerful worship leading, Jesse Ntaborwa continues to inspire people to encounter God and worship Him with authenticity and passion.

The worship pastor and father of two will grace this month’s edition of Sinza Worship, an online platform that seeks to draw people to encounter God through worship and shared experiences. The event is scheduled for Saturday 28th August 2021 at 8:00pm on the Sinza Worship YouTube channel.

Ntaborwa’s commitment to ministry, is a testament to his desire of fulfilling the great commission by focusing more on the character and nature of God during his ministration. In his own words, Ntaborwa’s says: “Worship is about relationship. Right from Genesis 1 and 2, God created us in His image and likeness, to have relationship with us and this should be the source and foundation of us giving Worth-ship (for He deserves all our worth) to Him.”

Ahead of the Saturday event, our reporter had the privilege of interviewing Ntaborwa whose inspiring testimony will encourage many.

Q. Jesse, we appreciate you for being an inspiring example to all worship leaders in Uganda and the rest of the world. Who is Jesse Ntaborwa and what is your background?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I am a passionate lover of God and one who’s sole desire is to see Him glorified. I am a father of two and a passionate theologian/student of the Bible.

Q. How did it all begin for you?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] My father and mother were both extremely talented (more talented than I am musically haha). My mom (RIP) used to sing in the church choir and my dad served in the church, playing all manner of instruments (till to date) and now pastoring a local church. Seeing them serve God, especially in the area of music inspired me to launch out into discovering my musical gifts, and here we are!

Q. What an incredible story! What does your music aim to say?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] The songs I sing and have had an opportunity to write, have been centred around magnifying God and exalting Him, enthroning Him above all else and songs that cause my soul to put Him in His rightful place (King of kings and Lord of lords – Rev. 19:16, 17:14 et al), above all else. They are less focused on me and more focused on God and His character.

Q. How would you describe the music that you typically create?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I would describe my music mainly as “upward focused”, as I described earlier, focused more on the character and nature of God than myself.

Q. What’s the best piece of advice the Bible has taught you about worship?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] Worship is about relationship. Right from Genesis 1 and 2, God created us in His image and likeness, to have relationship with us and this should be the source and foundation of us giving Worth-ship (for He deserves all our worth) to Him.

Q. Comment on the significance of the Holy Spirit during Worship?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] These questions provoke serious theological discussions and are hard to be put in one sentence but, we can’t worship God, first without being born again (born of the Spirit – John 3:1-18). He is also the helper that helps every believer and follower of Christ to stay the course, on this pilgrimage we are on (John 14:15-21) and this goes beyond just worship, no one can be a disciple of Christ unless by the enablement of the Holy Spirit.

Q. Any personal testimony that inspired your devotion to ministry and song writing?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] This was inspired after a long season I backslide from relationship with God and after spending so much time “enjoying” the world and its offerings/pleasures, my soul was lost, empty and desperate for fulfilment. I decide to recommit my life to Christ and since then, I made a vow that “…I would dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord and inquire in His temple”

Q. Are there any music ministers who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] There are many amazing worship leaders that inspire me, I can’t list them all here but the qualities I look out for a those ministers that Worship God in Spirit and in truth, those who worship Him from a place of a deep and personal encounter with Him and their desire is not to show how talented they are but for the Father to be glorified as they worship. On top of this list is a worship leader called Pastor Donnie McLurkin, Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin and list can go on and on.

Q. How do you seek out opportunities for ministry?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] This sounds like a trick question haha. I have been in ministry for a very long time, but it has never been about trying to seek for opportunities to minister (because this desire can end up being for the wrong reasons – God sees and evaluates every motive of our hearts), so I go and walk into doors that the Lord allows me to, instead of me seeking these opportunities out. One of the greatest beings that God ever created (Arch Angel Lucifer) was a worshipper, and his desire for fame, and to be noticed cause pride to creep in and caused him to be banned from the presence of God, many ministers and worshippers face this struggle, and many have fallen prey of this snare, I am aware of the temptation and constantly ask the Holy Spirit to help me never fall prey of these temptations.

Q. Any special message you would like to give to;
 (i) listeners

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I pray that these commonly known worship songs that are being sang in this brief worship session will draw their hearts toward a deep and intimate personal relationship with Him, that those that desire healing, deliverance and are seeking for satisfaction, will realize that they will not get this from anyone or anything else in the world but from God Himself.

ii) Fellow worship leaders

[Jesse Ntaborwa] My deepest desire for them is to decrease and allow God to increase in them and in their ministry. It is a very thin line between desiring God to be glorified and us taking the glory due Him. May we always be aware that people are in desperate need of the gift/talent giver (God), not us or our gifts.

Q. Aside music, what else are you doing?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] Well, like I said earlier, I am a father (that’s a very important responsibility), a student of theology (just graduated with a Masters degree in ministry and pastoral care and eventually continuing to study theology whenever the opportunity presents itself), a pastor (currently worship pastor at Vive Church Uganda), and recently a serial and passionate entrepreneur.

Q. What strengths do you have that you believe make you stand out?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I believe one of my biggest strengths is desiring to see those around me become all God has created them to be, and that is genuinely discipling people (those that give me the permission to, because discipleship is a serious long-term journey that requires a lot of commitment).

I have also been described as a very strong-willed person, many people would avoid people of such personalities, but I believe it’s a strength because it helps me stay focused on the mission I am on, despite the circumstances I have to go through.

Q. Which instrument is your favourite to play (if any) and why?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I love to play the acoustic guitar because it’s one of the most portable instruments, that can be played in any setup (in a big crowd or alone), but I relate it to the best worshipper that has ever lived (in my opinion), that is; King David in the Bible, he was very skilled in playing the harp – which is a stringed instrument, just like a guitar.

Q. What accomplishments do you see yourself achieving in the next five to 10 years?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] That’s simple: helping people encounter Jesus Christ. This is the sole purpose and desire behind everything I do, that God will be glorified my life, and, in the days, He has ordained for me to live. That it won’t be about my legacy but about His name being made famous through my life testimony.

Q. How were you introduced to Sinza Worship, and comment on its impact in Uganda today?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] I was introduced to Sinza worship through a dear friend of mine (Racheal Mwine) and when I was called upon to worship with the team, I didn’t hesitate because I believe this is the place and space God is going to use to reach the hearts and souls of His people.

The first time I attended a worship session at Sinza worship, I was deeply blessed and given an opportunity to worship God. We are yet to experience the impact Sinza worship will have in Uganda today, many people are seeking answers to life’s boggling situations, and this is the place to find those answers, at the altar of worship, here at Sinza worship.

Q. What can the body of Christ expect on the D-day (28th August 2021)?

[Jesse Ntaborwa] To have a personal encounter with the Spirit of God.


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