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Worship leader Darlene Zschech recounts triumph over cancer

As the seasons of weather change, so do our lives. There are ups and downs along the way. When faced with a life threatening illness, many of us are quick to pose profound questions, wondering if God cares about our health or general well-being.

Pastor Darlene Zschech, a much-loved worship leader and singer-songwriter, known for over 100 Christian songs including contemporary hymn “Shout to The Lord,” says God’s goodness, mercy and love remains the same even when the seasons of life change.

In her book, The Golden Thread: Experiencing God’s Presence in Every Season of Life, the Australian-based songstress recently opened up about how she and her family coped with the shocking reality of her cancer diagnosis at 48, shortly after leaving Hillsong Church to establish a church plant.

Darlene, whose father died of cancer at 50, was told by her doctor that she had the same disease, at a time her family was already processing what the journey ahead would be like for her grandson who had been diagnosed with autism.

Darlene explained that she held strong to the promises of God, daily renewing her mind with scriptures. “When I couldn’t read the Word, I was listening to the Word, or in worship. It’s quite magnificent, I don’t know how people do this without Jesus,” she said.

Today, Darlene, who still primarily writes praise and worship songs, is cancer-free, and that season of her life changed her as a person as well.

During a subsequent interview with CBN News, Zschech urged that just because one is saved doesn’t mean they won’t have troubles. “God says ‘they’re gonna come but take heart, I’ve overcome it all. I’ve overcome the world,” she said.

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Zschech received salvation when she was 15, which she said had been another difficult year in her life. At that time she had been suffering from bulimia and identity issues. And after she got saved, Zschech said she didn’t experience God in a supernatural way until much later.

“What I’ve discovered in my life is you can have as much of Him as you want. There is as much of God to discover personally as you are willing to dig for.”

Elsewhere, speaking to The Christian Post, the mother and wife emphasised God is not afraid of our brokenness/struggles, and that being a Christian is not just a “lifestyle choice.”

“It’s surrendering your heart and your choices, your thought life, your opinions, it’s yielding my will,” she explained.

“People have to understand salvation. Even when people are saying yes to Jesus you have to understand that you are actually saying yes to laying down your life.” “You’re not just given something to live for, it’s something to live and die for.”

The songstress told the media outlet, that believers should not pick and choose which parts of the Bible they like or don’t like or want to adhere to. Darlene encouraged people to disciple followers of Christ to follow Jesus and not just follow a church.

“It’s a gathering place; it’s a place where we come together, we’re intentional, we learn the Word together, and we sing together and we declare together, and we see miracles together. We pray, we give, we do all these things but it’s all this so that we can go [out],” Zschech said.

She affirmed to the Christian Post that believers are called to be the Church out in the world, not just go to church. “I think people get Jesus and church mixed up. At our church, Hope UC, I love being a pastor, but I don’t want people to get saved to Hope UC, they’re getting saved unto Christ.”

Zschech also likened church to a gas station where people go to get fueled up and then head out to go and do what Jesus did. “I think that’s where people are a bit disillusioned. The church is behaving like a god,” she concluded.

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