You are currently viewing Video: Brian Lubega, Justine Nabbosa open up about worship ministry

Video: Brian Lubega, Justine Nabbosa open up about worship ministry

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Worshipers and worship leaders in your church’s worship ministry must get beyond the how-to’s of worshiping to biblical, Christ-centered worship. This is according to Pastor Brian Lubega, and Justine Nabbosa, whose ministry has blessed believers all across the country on top of transcending various major barriers.

The two believe that any worship leader must care about what God cares about and focus on what He’s focused on.

Pastor Brian and Justine urge that the primary responsibility of any worship minister is to know God more through His word, adding that there is nothing more important than having a deep, living and intimate relationship with Him.

For Pastor Brian, no matter how talented one is, he or she must always remember that they are nothing without God, and that your goal is not to wow the crowd with your gifts, but to facilitate moments where people encounter Jesus.

“God is more interested in us, than what we do for Him. He wants more of our communion than the content we want to create for people and give out…There is no better place for a worshipper to be, than in a place of prayer.”

Follow the interview below:

Source: UGChristianNews.Com

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