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Pr Michael Kimuli on conquering prayerlessness: ‘We need the Holy Spirit’

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How’s your prayer life?

By Our Reporter

It is by the help of the Holy Spirit that we are able to pray, says Pastor Michael Kimuli.

The founder of Christian Discipleship Ministries International (CDMI) explained Tuesday that Christians all across the globe need the Holy Spirit’s help noting that, left to ourselves, we are too weak.

Through Romans 8:11, he detailed how it is the Spirit of God that gives abundant life to our mortal bodies, even when we are frustrated and struggling to cope with the demands of everyday life.

When we pray in the Spirit, Pastor Michael Kimuli revealed that God’s Holy Spirit intercedes for us, and that he guides us in our prayers.

“No one can pray to the level God expects us. The Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses because we do not know how to pray. When the Holy Spirit is there, he takes over your prayer,” he said.

Has your prayer life been lacking lately? Prayerlessness can be a direct result of self-dependence, Pastor Kimuli explained.

“This is the spirit of humanism that has taken away our dependence on God. This is what the enemy came to do in the Garden of Eden, to convince man that he could do without God. Whenever we think we can develop ourselves and do things on our own, we stop depending on God,” he said.

Elsewhere, Pastor Kimuli cited unbelief and sin as some of the other major causes of prayerlessness among believers today.

He stated that when one commits a sin, either an action or thought, we usually do one of two things: we either react like Adam and Eve and hide from our creator, or we present ourselves before Him for mercy and ask for forgiveness.

“Sin steals confidence,” he urged.

Spiritual Authority and the Spiritual Realm

The preacher explained further that prevailing prayer encounters obstacles that one must prevail over.

“Whatever you want on earth is in the spiritual realm. You will only give birth on your knees. Through prayer, you go to the chambers and get pregnant with that which you desire. Prayer the place where you conceive and get spiritual birth pangs. It is time to return to the labour ward of God.”

“People are in fellowship with other things like – social media and television. We need to desire to be in fellowship with God, to meet Him at His banqueting table. The price of meeting God and His presence is the time are you going to give Him,” he said. “One must go to a place of communion, and intimacy with God. That is where God finds you and you birth whatever you desire to have on earth.”

“It is time to cry to the Lord until you lose consciousness of yourself and get fully conscious of God. When we meet God in prayer, breakthroughs happen,” he added.

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