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Pastor Killed by Muslim Extremists in Uganda for Refusing to Close His Church: ‘Face the Wrath from Allah’

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Muslim extremists in eastern Uganda killed a 58-year-old Christian pastor last month after he refused to close his church which is located near their mosque.

Morning Star News reports Pastor Stephen Lugwire of Bunangwe estate in the Namutumba District was violently attacked on Oct. 26 while tending to his sheep. 

The pastor and his 23-year-old daughter, Brenda Lugwire, went out to their field that evening when three men dressed in Islamic clothing started yelling at them.

Brenda says the men were carrying long knives and blunt objects while shouting, “kafir,” or infidel to her father.

As the men got closer, one said, “We have told you to remove the church which is near our mosque, but you have not heeded our message. Today you will face the wrath from Allah.”

Pastor Lugwire’s congregation has worshipped at their church building for the past two years.

Brenda explained, “One of the assailants hit my dad with a big stick on the head, and he fell down.” While fleeing the area, she saw one of the extremists slashing her father with a knife. 

After the incident was reported to police, authorities and the pastor’s family located his body. It was badly wounded with deep cuts in his neck and chest.  

According to Morning Star News, police found out that the suspects went to the house of a wealthy Muslim woman named Shamimu. 

Following her arrest, Shamimu told police, “The servants of Allah entered my house in order to remove the clothes which they were wearing, because they were soaked in blood, and said that they had killed an infidel, hence Allah will reward them as they were following the footsteps of their prophet.” 

She continued, “The pastor didn’t honor Allah by refusing to demolish the church which was close to the mosque, along with his activities of winning their members to Christianity.”

A funeral was held for Pastor Lugwire on Oct. 30. Members of his church retaliated by destroying the Muslims’ mosque, along with other properties, causing further tensions among local residents. 

“Had it not been for the intervention of the police and the local leaders, the whole village could have been on fire,” said an area official who asked to remain anonymous. 

Pastor Lugwire leaves behind his wife, a son, and seven daughters.

Source: CBN News by Andrea Morris

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