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New social media platform hosting only Christian content to launch in 2022

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A new Christian social media platform is scheduled to launch in 2022 and will provide a space that solely houses Christian content for believers around the world.

The platform, titled FaithMeet, was created and founded by Godwin Rose Samuel.

In a recent interview with The Christian Post, Samuel argued that platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not provide sufficient Christian content, so he wanted to create a platform that is catered toward Christians.

“Christians have to spend long amounts of time sifting through other non-Christian and secular content to find the Christian content on these other apps,” he told the news outlet.

Even with the faith-filled content available, it is “not even God-centered because it distracts from the focus of the Jesus-focused gospels,” he asserted.

As a result, Samuel created FaithMeet. Samuel told The Christian Post that he was motivated to create the social media platform not only to provide quality social content for Christians but also to help believers “focus on God more.” He also hopes that the new platform will introduce non-believers to Christianity.

“I wanted to live out the faith by creating this social networking platform,” Samuel said. “I wanted to inspire those who don’t know the Lord while even helping those who are already Christians to keep their eyes on the Lord and not on lusting and coveting over secular content.”

“Other non-Christian content always pops up on these other apps. And currently, we are combining Facebook, YouTube and Instagram because we have posts, videos and pictures,” he added. “So now, people don’t have to go to these other platforms. It’s all in one place.”

On FaithMeet, Christians will have access to all kinds of Christian content, including pictures, music, and videos. Additionally, they will also have the option to give donations, offerings and tithes to various churches and ministries of their choice.

The new platform will also include a chatting feature where believers can encourage each other and talk about God’s Word.

Samuel told The Christian Post that FaithMeet will have a set of community standards and guidelines to ensure all content is “appropriate” and “God-centered.” All content will be monitored by a team, who will remove posts considered to be “inappropriate” or “non-Christian.”

The app is set to come out in 2022.

Source: UGChristianNews.Com by Agencies

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